A room screen maybe just the element your lodge decor needs, whether you’re looking specifically for artwork to serve as a focal point, or if you are looking to create an oasis of privacy.Playtime Bear Room Screen

The Playtime Bear Room Screen deserves a prominent display inside your lodge’s interior.  Truly a piece of art,  the privacy screen depicts three playful bear cubs exploring a new and exciting forest world amidst fallen trees.  Sunshine glints off the watchful momma bear’s back as she guards her young.  Can you hear the crunch of  colorful autumn leaves underfoot?

One creative use for the Playtime Bear Room Screen is to make a temporary closet to hide away unattractive boxes, papers, projects or other clutter that often accumulates in cabin’s interiors.  Room screens can be used in bathrooms to provide private changing areas or a place to hang towels.  Most commonly, room divider screens are used  for separation.  Large living areas can be divided into functional areas, such as a living room and dining room, without incurring the costs of installing a wall.

Measuring 68”W x 1”D X 68”H, this wood paneled screen will arrive at your door within 4-6 weeks of ordering.  This item can only be shipped inside the continental United States.  Made in the USA from northern white cedars, the quality furniture finish coating ensures the Playtime Bear Room Screen will be part of your cabin decor for years to come.

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