Update your rustic cabin decor with the Grizzly Bear Coffee Table.  This amazing sculpture and table in one combo mixes the best of bear decor with the functionality of a glass table top.  A closer look at the heavy cast resin bear reveals the loving attention artist Burl Jones gave to the design process.  A shaggy grizzly leans forward to catch a flying trout in mid-air.  Paws tensed with excitement for the catch, the grizzly rises through the glass, symbolizing the clear top of a forest creek.  From the hunger in the grizzly’s eyes to the arch in the trout’s body, this sculpture remains true to life in every artistic detail.

Grizzly Bear Coffee TablePlacing this coffee table in your rustic lodge or cabin will instantly provide a focal point for your rustic decor.  You can choose to either keep the rest of the decor simple, or use the grizzly and trout as a starting point for incorporating a variety of fishing and bear decor.

The dimensions of the grizzly bear sculpture are 30″W x 22″H x 13½”D, while the glass table measures 40½”W x 27½”D.  This piece of cabin furniture is easy to care for.  Both the glass and the sculpture are easily wiped off with a paper towel and any glass or all-purpose cleaner.

This product can only ship inside of the continental United States and cannot be sent express.  This piece will be delivered curbside within 2- 3 weeks and requires signature upon delivery.  As it is extremely heavy, you will most likely need two or three people handy to carry in this lovely piece of rustic furniture.  Once you get it into the living room, however, no set up is necessary.

Bring the excitement and beauty of the world outside your log cabin into your living room with the essential Grizzly Bear Coffee Table.

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