For adults, cabins are retreats from the pressures and demands of our daily work lives.  For our children and grandchildren, however, entertainment is a key component for a fun and exciting cabin experience.  Enhance your child’s playtime games (and also your cabin decor!) with the Black Bear Rocker.

Black Bear Rocker

Playful and plush, this black bear cub is solidly built on a sturdy wood frame.  The light oak wood (used both on the rockers and for handles) provides a beautiful contrast to the soft black fur of the bear   You can rest assured that the little ones in your life are safe and sound with their new pal.  At 39″W x 14″D x 21″H, will not take up too much space in a playroom.  Even if you keep it in your living room, the  Black Bear Rocker, when not in use, still fits in well with the rest of your cabin’s rustic bear decor.

An excellent alternative to typical video games and movies, the Black Bear Rocker encourages physical activity as well as using the imagination.  Ideal for children ages 3 and up, but built to accommodate over 300 lbs., don’t be surprised if some of your adult friends request a ride on the Black Bear Rocker!

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