Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase

Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase

If you have spent years attempting to pare down your flower arrangements to fit inside small neck vases, the Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase will become a kitchen decor staple.  Even during winter months, when snow covers the ground and the vase sits empty, your rustic themed kitchen will remain bright and cheery with this beautiful piece of art.  Also, rest assured that your purchase supports an local artisan, as the vase is handmade in the USA.

The brilliant jade green and terra cotta colors on the Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase are inspired by the colors found on a fall woodland hike.  Hopefully you don’t encounter this wild bear that adorns the front of the vase!  A closer look reveals the attention to detail in every tuft of fur, down to the long nails that gently grip the surface the bear treads on.  Measuring 7″W x 7″D x 10″H, this gorgeous piece of stoneware allows you plenty of room for flower arrangements.

Expected arrival date is within 3 weeks of shipping, and a signature is not required upon delivery.  At this time, the item cannot be express shipped, nor sent to addresses in Alaska or Canada.

During the cold winter months, you can have hope for spring’s arrival, when you can once more easily place large bouquets of freshly picked wildflowers inside your beloved Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase.  This item available exclusively through Black Forest Decor, provider of all your Log Cabin Decor.

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