Take advantage of Indian Summer weather with a Bear Table Fan.  For those days in between heat-induced air-conditioning and snowfall warranting heater use, this piece of Bear Decor will help cool your home.

Black Bear Decor Bear Table FanAvailable exclusively through Black Forest Decor, this Table Fan is a charming, sculpted metal figurine that will be a welcome addition to any area of your log cabin.  At just 11″W x 4 1/2″D x 13″H, this durable Bear Decor item is the perfect size to set on a bookshelf, entryway table, coffee table, or even your dining room table when not in use.  Powered by a single speed, 30-watt copper spun motor, the gentle breeze will lull you to sleep and keep you cool during hot summer evenings when placed on a nightstand.

A closer look at the fan reveals sculptural detail in the twists and turns outside the mesh covering the fan blades.  For those who are concerned with supporting local artisans, the fact that the antiquated rustic finish is hand-painted will no doubt encourage your purchase!

Come spring or fall, or even as an aid to keeping the sweltering summer heat from overwhelming your cabin, the Bear Table Fan is your best bet for for combining functionality with rustic decor.  For more cabin decorating ideas and Bear Decor inspiration, visit Black Forest Decor.

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