Bear Decor Oil WarmerA well-designed cabin includes decor elements that appeal to all five senses.  The Bear Oil Warmer touches two of those, with its appealing design and fragrant scent.  Don’t hesitate to incorporate this into your cabin decor today.

Small in size (measures just 4 1/2″ w x 4 1/2″ D x 5″H), the scent emitted from the copper-plated well will have visitors following their nose until their eyes catch a glimpse!

This Oil Warmer features a black iron bear, silhouetted by a flickering tea light (one included with initial purchase).  A .33 fl. oz. bottle of Apple Cider fragrance oil is also included in the initial purchase price.  After this, you can purchase more fragrance oil, or use wax tarts in place of the oil.

Do not leave this candle unattended or in the reach of small children, as this poses a potential safety hazard.

Add to the bear decor theme in your log home or cabin with this delightful little Oil Warmer (also makes a great gift to keep on hand)!


Take advantage of Indian Summer weather with a Bear Table Fan.  For those days in between heat-induced air-conditioning and snowfall warranting heater use, this piece of Bear Decor will help cool your home.

Black Bear Decor Bear Table FanAvailable exclusively through Black Forest Decor, this Table Fan is a charming, sculpted metal figurine that will be a welcome addition to any area of your log cabin.  At just 11″W x 4 1/2″D x 13″H, this durable Bear Decor item is the perfect size to set on a bookshelf, entryway table, coffee table, or even your dining room table when not in use.  Powered by a single speed, 30-watt copper spun motor, the gentle breeze will lull you to sleep and keep you cool during hot summer evenings when placed on a nightstand.

A closer look at the fan reveals sculptural detail in the twists and turns outside the mesh covering the fan blades.  For those who are concerned with supporting local artisans, the fact that the antiquated rustic finish is hand-painted will no doubt encourage your purchase!

Come spring or fall, or even as an aid to keeping the sweltering summer heat from overwhelming your cabin, the Bear Table Fan is your best bet for for combining functionality with rustic decor.  For more cabin decorating ideas and Bear Decor inspiration, visit Black Forest Decor.


As an alternative to the traditional wine racks on the market, Black Forest Decor offers the exclusive Black Bear Wine Rack.  With plenty of  room to store up to eight bottles of your favorite wine, this rustic wine rack will fits in any cabin’s decor.

Black Bear Wine RackConstructed of quality pine and hardwoods, the oil stain on each Black Bear Wine Rack has been rubbed in by hand, ensuring that each rack is finished precisely the way the designer intended.  The artwork on the sides of the box features a black bear coming upon a log in the middle of a forest clearing.  Vintage wine labels decorate the top and bottom of the box.  What will fill your wine rack: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Bordeaux, or Cabernet?

Perhaps there’s a wine enthusiast in your life, wouldn’t this make an excellent housewarming (or is it cabin warming) gift?  Although this Wine Rack is classified as kitchen decor, can’t you see it sitting in a rustic dining room as well?  No need to banish this Wine Rack to the kitchen, give it a place of honor!

Made in the USA, the Black Bear Wine Rack measures 18 1/2″W x 13 1/4″D x 13 3/4″H.  Place your vintage wines in the vintage Black Bear Wine rack and add a hint of nostalgia to your cabin’s rustic decor.


Bear Creek Cubby BenchOne of our favorite animals, the majestic grizzly bear, adorns the sides and top of the Bear Creek Cubby Bench.  With a side silhouette on top and a life-like side profile painting on the side, this cubby bench is excellent choice for those looking to expand their bear decor to the breezeways & mudrooms of their log cabin.

Of course, many cabin-dwellers wouldn’t dream of keeping such a gorgeous piece of cabin furniture hidden away.  In those instances, we recommend placing the Bear Creek Cubby Bench in a main entry of your home, where it will be sure to receive the attention it deserves!

Handcrafted by local artists from a combination of pine and alder woods, the Bear Creek Cubby Bench is trimmed with skip-peel twig, which truly enhances its rustic appeal.  In addition to the bear motifs (also hand-painted), there are also pine trees painted on the sides of the bench.  Sturdy enough to sit on, the Bench also has Cubbies for storing books, boots, treasures found on a hiking trip or anything else you can think of!  At 49 1/4″W x 17 3/4″D x 20″H, this Black Forest Cabin Decor Exclusive has plenty of room for seating, storage, and more.

As this piece is handmade, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipping and delivery.  Also, the item cannot be express shipped and is only delivered inside the continental United States.  The Bench will be delivered curbside and will require a signature as well as help moving the furniture inside to its new home!

Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase

Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase

If you have spent years attempting to pare down your flower arrangements to fit inside small neck vases, the Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase will become a kitchen decor staple.  Even during winter months, when snow covers the ground and the vase sits empty, your rustic themed kitchen will remain bright and cheery with this beautiful piece of art.  Also, rest assured that your purchase supports an local artisan, as the vase is handmade in the USA.

The brilliant jade green and terra cotta colors on the Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase are inspired by the colors found on a fall woodland hike.  Hopefully you don’t encounter this wild bear that adorns the front of the vase!  A closer look reveals the attention to detail in every tuft of fur, down to the long nails that gently grip the surface the bear treads on.  Measuring 7″W x 7″D x 10″H, this gorgeous piece of stoneware allows you plenty of room for flower arrangements.

Expected arrival date is within 3 weeks of shipping, and a signature is not required upon delivery.  At this time, the item cannot be express shipped, nor sent to addresses in Alaska or Canada.

During the cold winter months, you can have hope for spring’s arrival, when you can once more easily place large bouquets of freshly picked wildflowers inside your beloved Bear Wide Neck Pottery Vase.  This item available exclusively through Black Forest Decor, provider of all your Log Cabin Decor.


For adults, cabins are retreats from the pressures and demands of our daily work lives.  For our children and grandchildren, however, entertainment is a key component for a fun and exciting cabin experience.  Enhance your child’s playtime games (and also your cabin decor!) with the Black Bear Rocker.

Black Bear Rocker

Playful and plush, this black bear cub is solidly built on a sturdy wood frame.  The light oak wood (used both on the rockers and for handles) provides a beautiful contrast to the soft black fur of the bear   You can rest assured that the little ones in your life are safe and sound with their new pal.  At 39″W x 14″D x 21″H, will not take up too much space in a playroom.  Even if you keep it in your living room, the  Black Bear Rocker, when not in use, still fits in well with the rest of your cabin’s rustic bear decor.

An excellent alternative to typical video games and movies, the Black Bear Rocker encourages physical activity as well as using the imagination.  Ideal for children ages 3 and up, but built to accommodate over 300 lbs., don’t be surprised if some of your adult friends request a ride on the Black Bear Rocker!

Curious Bear Cubs Salt & Pepper Set

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Dress up even the most basic of cooking essentials, making them part of your cabin’s rustic decor.  Part of the Bearfoot Bears collection, the Curious Bear Cubs Salt & Pepper Set will house your spices in style.

Made of beige ceramic, these shakers feature three adorable bear cubs looking for trouble.  They are in for a big surprise when they realize it’s not honey inside these shakers!  One cub helps give his pals a boost to the top, as the other two are caught in mid-wriggle.  Black paw prints from an earlier escapade encircle the top of each shaker.  At 3 3/4″W x 2 1/2″D  x 5 3/4″ H, the Curious Bear Cubs Salt & Pepper Set is sized to be slightly larger than a standard shaker.

For additional bear decor and gift ideas, check out the rest of the Bearfoot Bears collection.

Typically this item’s shipping time is 4 to 5 business days.  For an additional fee, express shipping is is available.  If you require your purchase to arrive within 3 to 4 business days, request this option.  The Curious Bear Cubs Salt & Pepper Set can also  ship to Alaska and Canada.


Check out this adorable Black Bear Foot Rest!  This realistic little bear is always willing to patiently stand still and assist you.  Plush and sturdy, this foot rest stands at 2 1/2 feet tall (18″H), the perfect height for you to kick back and prop your aching feet up on after a long day of work.  Black Bear Foot RestNot only will the furry little creature provide you with immense delight and comfort, but he will consistently wow visitors to your home.  Covered in realistic black fur, with a soft brown snout, this bear’s pleasant eyes might lead you to believe he is about to come to life any minute!

Surprisingly light, this piece is easy to move any time you rearrange furniture or decide to use it to decorate a different room.  If your room is large enough, consider buying a companion Black Bear Foot Rest.  No matter your cabin decorating theme or color, this piece of black bear decor will fit in perfectly.

Within two to three weeks of ordering, you can rest easy with your new friend delivered to your door.  There is no express shipping option for this item, nor can it be shipped to Alaska or Canada.

Don’t settle for boring foot rests; stand out from the  crowd by incorporating truly original items into your cabin decor!


A room screen maybe just the element your lodge decor needs, whether you’re looking specifically for artwork to serve as a focal point, or if you are looking to create an oasis of privacy.Playtime Bear Room Screen

The Playtime Bear Room Screen deserves a prominent display inside your lodge’s interior.  Truly a piece of art,  the privacy screen depicts three playful bear cubs exploring a new and exciting forest world amidst fallen trees.  Sunshine glints off the watchful momma bear’s back as she guards her young.  Can you hear the crunch of  colorful autumn leaves underfoot?

One creative use for the Playtime Bear Room Screen is to make a temporary closet to hide away unattractive boxes, papers, projects or other clutter that often accumulates in cabin’s interiors.  Room screens can be used in bathrooms to provide private changing areas or a place to hang towels.  Most commonly, room divider screens are used  for separation.  Large living areas can be divided into functional areas, such as a living room and dining room, without incurring the costs of installing a wall.

Measuring 68”W x 1”D X 68”H, this wood paneled screen will arrive at your door within 4-6 weeks of ordering.  This item can only be shipped inside the continental United States.  Made in the USA from northern white cedars, the quality furniture finish coating ensures the Playtime Bear Room Screen will be part of your cabin decor for years to come.


Update your rustic cabin decor with the Grizzly Bear Coffee Table.  This amazing sculpture and table in one combo mixes the best of bear decor with the functionality of a glass table top.  A closer look at the heavy cast resin bear reveals the loving attention artist Burl Jones gave to the design process.  A shaggy grizzly leans forward to catch a flying trout in mid-air.  Paws tensed with excitement for the catch, the grizzly rises through the glass, symbolizing the clear top of a forest creek.  From the hunger in the grizzly’s eyes to the arch in the trout’s body, this sculpture remains true to life in every artistic detail.

Grizzly Bear Coffee TablePlacing this coffee table in your rustic lodge or cabin will instantly provide a focal point for your rustic decor.  You can choose to either keep the rest of the decor simple, or use the grizzly and trout as a starting point for incorporating a variety of fishing and bear decor.

The dimensions of the grizzly bear sculpture are 30″W x 22″H x 13½”D, while the glass table measures 40½”W x 27½”D.  This piece of cabin furniture is easy to care for.  Both the glass and the sculpture are easily wiped off with a paper towel and any glass or all-purpose cleaner.

This product can only ship inside of the continental United States and cannot be sent express.  This piece will be delivered curbside within 2- 3 weeks and requires signature upon delivery.  As it is extremely heavy, you will most likely need two or three people handy to carry in this lovely piece of rustic furniture.  Once you get it into the living room, however, no set up is necessary.

Bring the excitement and beauty of the world outside your log cabin into your living room with the essential Grizzly Bear Coffee Table.